Video marketing for B2B-brands in 2022.

Video is becoming increasingly important in the media mix.

In recent years, video marketing has been gaining in importance and impact. This is partly due to the success of social media (which makes it easier to distribute videos) and smartphones (which make it easier to consume videos quickly). A 2020 study by Limelight’s State of Online Video shows that on average, we watch online video for almost 8 hours a week (in 2016, this was only 4 hours ). In other words, consumers love it.


How can B2B brands capitalise on this trend and use video to continue growing digitally? In this white paper you will discover, among other things, how to create a video content marketing plan. You will also receive tips from experts and discover what the opportunities and pitfalls are for B2B brands to implement video. Enjoy reading and be inspired!

Téléchargez l'e-book

Téléchargez l'e-book

Tom Peeters


Although video has been around for a long time, it has never been so accessible to create, distribute and consume.

Steven De Ridder

Video Royal

The trend of 2021? The same as last year and the year before: substance.

Peter Van Keer

Keerco & The Entrepot

The excuse of ‘video is expensive’ is no more as mentioned in ‘the why of video’, so we can check that off.

Roel De Cock


Video is most powerful when it has 1 message and 1 goal.

Discover the impact of video

  • How to create a video marketing strategy for B2B
  • Using video marketing in a positive way
  • Types of videos you can use for B2B marketing
  • Pros and cons video marketing
  • Video on social media: the right platforms for your needs
  • Packed with tips from experts
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